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Hello Savannah!

Forsyth Park Fountain

Moving to Savannah in August of 2010 was a bit, overwhelming and rushed but, very much exciting! It was the beginning of my entrance into “the real world.” With my first real job, starting as soon as I returned (from the Baggett Annual Beach Trip) to the City, I had only one full day to make the move to Savannah, Georgia.

Looking back, I definitely made the day more dramatic than necessary… but, I couldn’t be more grateful for Daddy, Mama, and Justin helping me move (all of my “junk”) across the state, up a flight of stairs, all in 24 hours. Thanks to them, I made it to Savannah. Now, 4 months later I am happy, and living in the City I am proud to call home.

The photo above is of the famous, Forsyth Park Fountain. For those who do not know, Forsyth Park is a beautiful city park which occupies over 30-acres of historic Savannah, Georgia. In 1858, this fountain was placed at the North end of the park. The park is a fabulous place to take a stroll or have a picnic. During a recent walk through the park, I captured this photo. And for all of you that have never actually visited the fountain or me, come on!

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