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Mema’s Closet

My Mema

My grandmother, Linda Faye Leggett, was my inspiration for developing Mema’s Closet. She is very commonly remembered as “Mema.” In 2005, she heard about a special day developed by USA Weekend called “Make a Difference Day,” and decided she wanted to make a difference. She knew there was a need in our area for winter clothing to help keep families warm in the winter. With this knowledge, she decided she would make it her personal mission to collect winter clothing for families and children in need.
Unfortunately, she passed away suddenly, before she could complete her goal. It was only a short time period later, when I discovered Mema’s closet full of coats. She had managed to collect over 100 coats! The decision was obvious; I had to continue her legacy. Since 2005, over 2,000 coats and other winter clothing have been collected and distributed.

For more information or if you would like to get involved with Mema’s Closet, please CLICK HERE.

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