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Chocolate Butterbean

One of my favorite blogs to follow is Chocolate Butterbean, by Joni Harrison Lay. She is so inspirational and has such an eye for beauty, that everything she posts intrigues me. A few years ago, Joni decided to begin her own business, Chocolate Butterbean. What is Chocolate Butterbean? According to Joni, it doesn’t mean anything. It is a feeling, an inspiration, a delight. And, Chocolate Butterbean does just that for me, I adore absolutely everything she designs. Here are a few of my favorites…

Imogene & Jesse

Chocolate Butterbean art

Ashley's Invitation

Numbers 6:24

Joni herself is an exceptional lady. She has influenced me since middle school at a Women of God (WOG) night, when she spoke to me about her faith, her relationships, and life lessons. Since that night in middle school, I have respected and looked up to her. Today, I am inspired by her personality, Christianity, marriage, and business. Hopefully, her work will intrigue some of you the way it has me, so check it out at www.chocolatebutterbean.com.

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