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Decision Points

Decision Points

This is a wonderful memoir by former U.S. President George W. Bush, my favorite President. The book notes memorable Decision Points that effected his life and Presidency. I’ve learned so much more about his time in office, government facts, military/war decisions, and political campaigns than I ever thought I would. Despite my incredible respect for President Bush prior to reading his memoir, my respect for this world leader is greater than ever. By the grace of God and his relationship with the Holy Spirit, he was granted courage and wisdom throughout his time in office, and other trials faced in everyday life.

My knowledge on issues such as the Iraqi War, War on Terrorism, Stem Cell research, Financial Crisis, political campaigns, Katrina, and the Attacks of 9/11 has expanded beyond belief. My support of both the Iraqi War and War on Terror was solid,  but has been confirmed repeatedly throughout the book. I am so grateful to have had this intelligent, level-headed political figure as President during such tragic, life-changing experiences for America. Without this sort of leadership, America could have faced tremendous disastrous attacks, rather than 0 terrorist attacks on American soil after the unexpected 9/11 attacks.

Aside from all of the political hoopla, I was most impressed by his abundant love for his wife, Laura, and two, twin daughters, Barbara and Jenna. One of George W. Bush’s most important decisions was to quit drinking, and this was inspired by his devotion to the Lord and dedication to his family. This decision helped structure the foundation to the multiple decisions he faced and made from that moment on.

End of Decision Points

To learn more about George W. Bush, his time as President, issues he faced during his term in Office, and his Decision Points, I highly recommend this memoir. Find out how you can get a signed copy of Decision Points {like mine!}, by visiting the Official George W. Bush website.

George W.'s Autograph

Book 1: Decision Points

Author: George W. Bush

Pages: 481

Words: -

Completed: 15 March 2011


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