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Jessica’s Birthday Bash at TaCa

Meet Jessica Reiling. Jessica is a co-worker, and a fabulous friend. Over my earliest and recent months at eMarketSouth/KeytoSavannah.com our work relationship has developed into a friendship I am forever grateful for! She is always there for me… to help with designs, to listen to my complaints, to share a picnic in the park, a lunch date, advice, and a good laugh. Last week we celebrated her birthday at one of our favorite sushi restaurants in Savannah, TaCa. The best part {for me} was the surprise. Jess had no idea that several of her friends were waiting for us to arrive at TaCa; she believed it was a simple sushi lunch date for two. SURPRISE! Jack, Ty, Ellisia, Dan, Bunny, and Scott {whose birthday was also on February 24th} showed up to help Jessica celebrate her day. Thanks guys!

Jessica's Presents!

Jessica Reiling 1

Jessica Reiling 2

TaCa Sushi

Sushi Close-Up

With the whole gang at TaCa, we had a blast and enjoyed a delicious, sushi lunch! Congratulations Jess, for another year and for many more to come.  I am so blessed to have your friendship, thank you!

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