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The Lynx Sails into Savannah

Everyday in Savannah there are new, exciting happenings, sometimes they find you, and sometimes you must find them. The best way to describe Savannah is a Treasure Trove, full of hidden treasures! River Street is one of Savannah’s gold mines, and this week I found a treat. A tall ship named the Lynx, “America’s Privateer,” docked in Savannah on March 2nd. I had heard it would be visiting Savannah, and planned a trip to River Street to see it come sailing in. First stop, Old Fort Jackson. As the tips of the sails were visible, Old Fort Jackson’s cannons fired twice to welcome the Lynx! Excitement overcame the crowd as voices of the shipmates bellowed across the water, “Big cheers for Old Fort Jackson, hip-hip-hooray, hip-hip-hooray, hip-hip-hooray!”

The Lynx at OFJ

Quickly, it was a race to River Street to see the Lynx port! The crowds had gathered in anticipation of witnessing such a historic moment in Savannah. In the crowd, I identified several familiar faces: Megan Piper White and a few of the Visit Savannah crew, along with Allie Callaway and the Riverfront Association team. I knew the Lynx was built as a replica of a ship in the War of 1812, what I discovered was that the Lynx has embarked on a 5 year journey in celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the War of 1812 and the Star-Spangled Banner. The shipmates on the replica dress in Colonial clothing and entertain guests while educating them on the history of the war and ship, along with a detailed tour. America’s Privateer is utilized as a museum and tours are available Tuesday – Saturday, through the month of March. As the ship arrived, the Lynx fired four cannons; which shocked many River Street travelers!

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