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Greening of the Forsyth Park Fountain

To kick-off my first St. Patrick’s Day living in Savannah, I was privileged to witness the Greening of the Forsyth Park Fountain. This event is an annual tradition coordinated by the St. Patrick’s Day Committee, aka The Green Mafia! For those of you who have not witnessed this tradition, the children or grandchildren of the committee circle around the famous fountain {all decked out in green attire} with watering pots full of green dye.

As literally hundreds gather, the children {with the help of the older gentlemen} pour the dye into the fountain. This is a tedious procedure, as each family pours the dye in one at a time. It is amazing to see #1 the smiles and excitement on the children’s faces and #2 the green water streaming from this lovely fountain. I should also note that this is not just a two second procedure, this is a minimum 15 minute ceremony. The ceremony included the singing of the National Anthem, prayer for the St. Patrick’s Day festivities and families involved in the Greening, along with a parade of the families involved. All of that took place before the children took their spots to dye the water. The Greening of the Fountain was a wonderful way for me to experience the first-of-many St. Patrick’s Day traditions in Savannah.

Little Children at the Greening

People Parade around the Fountain

The Green Fountain


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