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After kickin’ off St. Pat’s in Savannah with the Greening of the Fountain, we decided to wander over to Tybee Island on Saturday to see how the islanders celebrate the Irish holiday. About noon, Megan, Greg, Liz, and I loaded up the car for an Island adventure! Our mission… meet up with Julie, Sam, and some of their {aka Sam’s} friends to enjoy lunch and the annual Tybee Island St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Social Steak Taco

Lunch was devoured at a newer Tybee eats… Social, which serves everything á la carte. {Not too cheap, but very delish!} The menu featured Mexican style delicacies with a twist. Example, tacos: duck, fish, shrimp, short rib, and orange pork to name a few! The twist… served on a delicious, pita wrap! Yum! I ordered the {highly recommended} steak taco and fresh guacamole, both extremely wonderful. Plus, I had the pleasure of sampling the famous orange pork {Boston Butt glazed in orange zest and served with caramelized onions, raisins, banana peppers, almonds, and cilantro on top} and I couldn’t resist tossing the corny line at Julie, “Orange-Ya-Glad-Ya-Ordered-It.” :)

Off to the parade. Not quite as intense as the upcoming 187th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Savannah, but still lots of people and green! To fill you in on how Tybee does it, basically… Redneck style. I was truly baffled at the circus called a parade! We witnessed jacked-up trucks, go-carts with recliners for seats, and belly-dancing men… for a moment, memories flashed back of parades in Sylvester and Poulan, until I actually saw people in the parade pulling out their ever-so-classy cigarettes while waving at the crowds. Even the most country hicks I know have more couth than to have a smoke during an annual parade! One thing is for sure, we had lots of good laughs.

Jack-Up Truck

Green Decorated Boat

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