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St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah

St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah is a big deal! In fact, Savannahians have been counting down for this Catholic holiday for weeks. This annual event takes tremendous planning, hundreds of volunteers, and LOTS of green! {A little background: this is NOT my first St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah, just my first St. Pat’s living here. Making me a St. Pat’s newbie!} With that said, I had NO idea what I was getting into. A week prior to March 17th, I received an adorably, perfect St. Patrick’s Day invitation from one my closest girlfriends in Savannah, Liz Schoor.

Inviting all of girls over for breakfast at her house at 7AM! Early?! Not quite… 4AM is the designated time for us girls to chauffeur the gentlemen downtown, so they can reserve our spots. Sound intense?! You just don’t know. In preparation for this 4AM treck, I stayed up packing green drinks, cups, snacks, and baking green sausage balls. Yep, all green. This late night quickly turned into an early morning, when my “nap” ended at 3:47AM on March 17th, the time had come! St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah!

The excitement had been building {especially since Savannah was green for a good week prior}, so up and running I went. The meeting place, Liz & Bobby Schorr’s {aka the Schorr’nuff Party House!}. Our train of cars arrived at Chippewa Square at 4:45AM and in a rush we unloaded bags, food, and the boys! Then back to Liz’s to Go Green and eat some delicious treats. Green result…

I'm Green Da-ba-deee

Liz & Meg are Green

Me & Roxy are Green

The early birds {Liz, Megan, Roxy, & me} had a mini photo shoot before/during breakfast, while anxiously waiting for the other girls to arrive! Meet the rest of the pretty ladies… Green Group Shot!

Green Group

{Back Row, Left to Right} Courtney Callaway, Sara Duke, Stacy Bohannon, Megan Piper-White, and Kim Callaway {Front Row, Left to Right} Roxy Johns-Sheffield, Me, and Liz Solomon-Schorr.

We had such a great time! Thanks Liz for inviting us all over and treating us to breakfast. :) With over 500,000 people coming into Savannah for the 187th St. Patrick’s Day Parade, traffic was intense. So we decided to call Mac {aka Liz & Bobby’s personal cab driver!} to come pick us up and give us a ride to Chippewa Square…. As the story was suppose to go, Mac was bringing his van so that he could drive us all at once. Unfortunately, Mac’s van broke down. He was so excited about driving us, and he didn’t want to disappoint us, so he called and told us he was on his way and “You ladies are going to have the ride of your life.” Totally clueless of the situation, we hear a horn honking out front and SURPRISE!!

Green Truck

At first, this idea seemed impossible! Until Mac reassured us: he’d cleaned the truck-bed and borrowed crates from the gas station for us to sit on. It was settled, we were riding to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade to meet our men in a green low-rider! Our surprises didn’t stop along the way people thought WE were in the parade, and Mac nearly killed us a few times pulling out into on-going traffic. But we made it, safe, sound, and with a good laugh!

The rest of the day ran smoothly, with socializing and great, green foods! Here are a few other pictures captured during our St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

Me & J Green

The Gang in Green

And if you’d like to see the amazing video of our journey downtown on St. Patrick’s Day, check out Mrs. Megan Piper-White’s blog, Savannah Sweethearts.

  • Megan

    What a fun day! I see that my pictures are going to good use ;)

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