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Beau Brezec

Beau from birth...

Meet Beau! She is the precious daughter of Buddy and Mallory McBride, two of my closest {and longest} friends. On September 17, 2010, this bundle of joy was brought into this world as Beau Brezec McBride. Miles away in Albany, Georgia at about 4AM, Mallory went into labor. I will never forget the phone call – and the excitement that instantly overwhelmed me! Fortunately, I was kept up-to-date on details through Jim McBride and Marla Middleton.

It was one week later when I was formally introduced to this adorable, baby girl. As an Áuntie, I am proud! Although her middle name is after Mallory’s grandmother, I will continue to tell baby Beau that she was named after me… aka Breezy.

Beau Breezy

Beau on Easter

Beau's First Easter - Pretty baby.

Beau's First Easter

Beau's First Easter - "Eww, I don't like grass."

  • Megan

    Sweet girl!

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