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Gigi’s Cupcakes

Jessica & her Cupcake

A-mazing is the best way to describe this uber sweet treat shop and the variety of delicious flavors the cupcakes are available in! Aside from the price, this place is pretty much perfect. Each day, they bake new delicious cupcakes in new delectable flavors! I will admit that I am not a huge cake fan…. but mini, personal cakes also known as cupcakes, amazing! When I first moved in with Jessica, it didn’t take me but um… 1 day to realize that she is obsessed with the little treats. She told me about this place in Nashville that had the most awesome cupcakes ever and that we must plan a trip just so we could eat there. She went to the extent off showing me their website and naming all of her personal favorite flavors. It was not until months later {as in 5 months} that I noticed a sign on the side of Abercorn Street one day. I was 90% positive that the sign I’d just read said, “Gigi’s Cupcakes Swirling Soon.” After doubling back around, sure ‘nough! I was right. After a bit of research back at work, it was confirmed: Gigi’s Cupcakes was Swirling Soon right to Savannah, Georgia! That day we began a countdown until the Grand Opening.

Me & My Cupcake

Finally… Friday, March 11th was here! Jessica met me at the office for our little adventure to Gigi’s Cupcakes Grand Opening! It didn’t take long for us to pick out a dozen cupcakes! Yes, a dozen! Jessica picked out her favorite, Wedding Cake. As my first Gigi’s Cupcake experience, I tried the White Midnight Magic, which is white chocolate frosting with chocolate chips! Yum. During our trip, we had the pleasure of meeting the owner, Bethany Shantz, along with her husband and sweet father! If you are over near Abercorn, in the mood for a sweet treat, Gigi’s Cupcakes is the place to stop. You’ll be addicted.

Gigi's Cupcakes

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