The Kennedys

The long awaited movie series, The Kennedys aired on the REELZ Channel {299 on DISH, for those of you wondering} on Sunday, April 3rd. I say, “long awaited” because originally this eight part movie series was suppose to be aired on the History Channel. Although the script had been approved as historically accurate by historians and experts on the Kennedys, controversy amidst the Kennedy family drew attention to the negative portrayal of this political, American family. According to The Blaze, the History Channel chose to drop the series due to, “a result of [the] controversy.”

The Kennedy Clan{Bobby, Ethel, Jack, Jackie, Joe Sr. and Rose Kennedy}

From the moment I heard about the movie series, I’ve been anxiously waiting the debut. {Although I was not alive during the Kennedy era, my obsession with American history has created a fascination with this political family that has inspired me to continuously read and research about the Kennedys. There is just something about the Kennedys that lure me in.} On Sunday evening, the plot began. My prior readings have confirmed that this movie series is historically accurate, but also why the remaining Kennedy family may have preferred the film not be aired. According to history, it has been revealed that the Kennedy men were a bit promiscuous and The Kennedys film does not cover the adultery of both Joe Sr. and John F. Kennedy. {And note, I’m only to episode 4.}


Directed by Jon Cassar, the series features an all-star cast of Greg Kinnear as JFK, Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy, Barry Pepper as Robert “Bobby” Kennedy, Kristin Booth as Ethel Kennedy, and Tom Wilkinson as Joe Kennedy Sr. And I can attest, this team is phenomenal. Bobby and Ethel’s characters are my favorite; they are so entertaining and seem like genuinely fun, family oriented people.

Bobby & Ethel

To find out  more, and review this movie series for yourself, watch The Kennedys marathon on Sunday, April 10th; the finale will also air on Sunday evening.

Jackie, Caroline, & Jack

The Kennedys

  • Kellianne

    Please, please, please keep me posted on this series! I have also been waiting to watch it and am super bummed that I don’t get Reelz. Something about the Kennedys is absolutely fascinating!!

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