Teddy Bear Clinic

As some of you may know, I joined Jr. League of Savannah in early January of this year. I joined for several reasons, but one very important reason being the community involvement Jr. League would help me take part in. Already, I have participated in Springtime Made in the South, retreats, socials, and a poverty simulation! All of these have been exciting and brought new friendships to my life in Savannah… but none have been rewarding like the Teddy Bear Clinic.

Teddy Bear Clinic Tees

During the past eight months in Savannah, I had yet to hear about this Teddy Bear Clinic until I learned I would be volunteering there for Jr. League. To my surprise, I learned on Saturday that the clinic is an annual event hosted by Memorial University Medical Clinic – the 21st annual to be exact!

Bandages at the Teddy Bear Clinic

Everyone knows how children dread doctor visits, especially a trip to the hospital. So why not make a fun event to help ease their fear. Bright and early Saturday morning, I was ready to serve at the Teddy Bear Clinic. Fellow Jr. League provisional, Megan and I were at post 16 waiting for the gates to open and greet the little ones as they journeyed through the Teddy Bear Clinic. It was quite the site to see hundreds {literally hundreds} of teensy tikes lined up to bring their favorite teddy to the clinic.

Me & Megan at the TBC

For those of you who are unsure how this event works, each station is set up to nurse or doctor these stuffed animals back to good health. From x-ray machines to candy prescriptions, these stuffed animals were given the full hospital experience. I worked a booth near the x-ray table… it was adorable to see these “doctors” load the stuffed animals and even present the children with pre-made x-ray films of stuffed bears, bunnies, and more.

X-ray Machine

One little boy brought a stuffed wolf. After the wolf was x-rayed someone asked him, “What is wrong with your pet?” He responded, “He has a tummy ache. He ate a rabbit.” It was so precious. Overall, it was a wonderful experience to see the children’s faces as they munched on marshmallow ”medicine” and chattered about their day. It was also beneficial to witness firsthand how Jr. League of Savannah directly effects the community and truly makes an impact. Find out more about Jr. League of Savannah here. Have you ever participated in the annual Teddy Bear Clinic, or a similar program? I would love to hear about your experience.

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