Sarah Catherine

Meet Sarah…

Naturally beautiful. Genuine. Confident. Spontaneous. Hunter. Christian. Best friend. Daddy’s girl. Determined. Leader. Athletic. Trustworthy. Fun. Good listener. Loyal. Strong-willed. Sister. Extraordinary. Daughter. Braves fan. New Bride-to-be.

Sarah & Me at Becca's House

Together for Girls Weekend in St. Simons Island.

Shortly after attending Sherwood Baptist Church, I met Sarah Taylor. Possibly in 1998? We would have been in the 6th grade. After sailing away on the Fantasy cruise ship in May of 2005, our friendship has never been the same. From concerts, sleepovers, and college, to trips, bachelorette parties, and weddings – we’ve come a long way together!

Miss Sarah & Miss Brianne

At Megan's wedding, we posed as the Misses! Looks like I'll be ridin' solo on the Miss train & jammin' out to "Single Ladies" alone. ;)

Sarah & Me at the Perry Fair

In October 2010, we took a trip to the Perry Fair and captured this memory in the Cattle barn.

Sarah & Me on Halloween

We spent Halloween together in Savannah!

Aside from recognizing the wonderful friendship I have with Sarah – I am excited to congratulate her on her recent engagement to Matthew Hobby. On November 12, 2011, Sarah Taylor will become Mrs. Matthew Hobby at Little River Plantation in Ashburn, Georgia. From this point on, the wedding planning is in high gear! I am proud to consider Sarah one of my closest friends and excited for her newest journey. Below are a few photos of Sarah with her man… enjoy!

Sarah & Matthew

Dating moments of Sarah and Matthew.

Sarah is Engaged

At the top of Bird Bath Canyon, on April 20, 2011 - She said, "Yes!"

“I made a promise to a man. He gave me a ring and I gave him my word.” – The Notebook

To help Sarah prepare for her life with Matthew, leave a comment of the best marital advice you have or have heard for her.

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