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We {heart} the Atlanta Braves

I love trips. Especially trips with Justin and two of our closest friends, Trae and Carolyn Cannon. Unfortunately, the trips are as frequent as they use to be – which means I’m more grateful for the ones we get! Excitement is the best description of plans with Trae and Carolyn, especially when it includes our favorite Atlanta team – the Braves!

On the way, Game 1.

Piled in Justin's backseat, on the way to the Marta for Game 1.

Weeks prior the planning began for a Friday baseball game followed by the firework finale, grilling out at Aunt Shari’s on Saturday, and church on Sunday before the trek back all of our separate ways. Why we plan, I will never know!! Nothing, and I mean nothing ever goes as planned with the four of us.

Friday appeared to be going as planned, until… rain happened. The weather report had noted that the rain wouldn’t hit until after midnight – wrong! We decided about 3PM that taking the Marta would be “smarta.” Wrong, again! It took us 2 hours to get to Turner Field, just in time run through the drizzling rain. We were warned at the gate that the game would probably be rescheduled for a Saturday double-header… but after a 2 hour trip – we were at least getting dinner! Chop Shop here we come.

Rained Out

Watching the show while enjoying a round of hotdogs and fries!

{And so began the “unfortunates” of our Braves experience…} While laughing at the tremendous downpour from the Chop Shop, and indulging in a round of hotdogs and fries, the oh-so-friendly waiter asked us to, “Hurry and eat, I’m ready to go home.” {#1} Not exactly what you’d expect to hear from a waiter – waiting on a tip! Needless to say, our extensive journey combined with our hunger led us to take our time. It’s official, the game is rained out. {#2}

Smarta Marta

After getting soaked running to the station, we made it on the Smarta Marta.

On the Smarta Marta ride home, we {as in I} made light of the situation and in turn – made a lot of new friends in Atlanta. I probably asked at least 40 people, “Have you seen Jason Heyward?” It took me 2 days, but guess what? I found Jason Heyward – in the right field, wearing a #42 jersey – next time, I’ll meet him. {Games 2 & 3 were on Jackie Robinson Day, all of the players wore the #42 in memory of a legend. Pretty cool.}

J being Goofy

Jus' a little goofing around while waiting on the Marta!

Justin and Jay mopping the wet floor.

Justin and Jay mopping the wet floor at the Marta station.

Jay and Justin Mopping

We still aren't sure what inspired these two to mop, but hey! It's funny.

Day 2. Game 2 and 3. Here we come. We decided it’d have to be quicker to drive, right? Wrong? Stop to get gas, gum, and candy – result, Justin left his Braves cap. Bathroom anyone? Not on 75. Turner Field exit? Not on game day! $12 parking, done! We made it. Wait, our tickets are further back AND are $60 bucks more?! {#3} Thank you, Jay! Running through the gate, trying to see the first pitch – wait! Justin has a knife… sheeze, really?! Could it get any worse? Yep, they chunked his knife in the garbage. {#4}

Me Before Game 2

Me playing dress-up, on the way to Game 2.

Bubblicious Memories

Shari and I had a bubble contest on the way to Game 2.

Bri's Big Bubble

I win! Bubblicious was the perfect addition to our 2nd trek to Turner Field.

Carolyn Rockin' the Braves Cap

Carolyn rockin' the Braves cap before Game 2.

Jay & Shari

Shari and her new man, Jay! We all {heart} Jay.

Carolyn & Me

Lookin' fabulous at Game 2 in Turner Field - Go Braves!

Braves Game 2

Enjoying our awesome view at our 2nd Braves game of the weekend.

I’m proud to say the rest of the weekend was a delicious piece of cake! We had awesome seats, several homers, good friends, drinks, and food! Saturday evening, after the double-header we feasted on grilled chicken, potato salad, and corn on the cob thanks to Aunt Shari and Jay. Plus, Sunday morning Shari made these a-mazing sausage, cream cheese, mix inside croissant rolls! They were sooo good! I’ll share the recipe when I get it. :) We shopped at the PGA Tour Superstore, which apparently is man heaven. Enjoyed lunch at Justin’s favorite – Taco Mac, while watching another Braves game. All before roadtrippin’ back to Savannah!

Me & J with #42

In honor of Jackie Robinson Day, we posed with the #42.

Hopefully it’s evident why the excitement is never ending when Justin and I are with Carolyn, Trae, Shari, and new-to-the-clan, Jay. You just never know what is about to happen.

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