Roaming with the Gnome

Last week, Savannah had a very usual celebrity visit – thanks to the Visit Savannah team, the Travelocity Roaming Gnome came to visit! Aside from keeping the Visit Savannah team busy, the Roaming Gnome provided quite the entertainment for me and my friends. On Wednesday, May 18th a slew of us met at Liz & Bobby’s house before carpooling to the Savannah Tweet-up at Churchill’s Pub.

Me & the Roaming Gnome

I med the famous gnome at Churchill's Pub for a Savannah Tweet-Up.

Liz and the Gnome.

Liz was excited to meet the Travelocity Roaming Gnome.

Excitement built in anticipation of meeting this mini-celebrity! We meet at last.

I should have mentioned before, but Megan is the Communication Associate at Visit Savannah. Therefore, we {the gang} are subject to becoming volunteers for events frequently – to our pleasure of course! All of us were excited about volunteering on this night. We were going to pedal the Roaming Gnome on the Slow Ride Savannah 16-person bicycle through downtown Savannah. For a little motivation, Derrick downloaded “Slow Ride” by Foghat to his iPod in preparation for the excessive pedaling we were about to endure.

D & G with the Roaming Gnome.

D & G with the Roaming Gnome on the Savannah Slow Ride.

The Roaming Gnome on the Slow Ride

The Gnome is Roaming!

Me & Jessica ready to pedal.

Me and Jessica ready to pedal.

After our exhausting trip from the Crystal Beer Parlor to Ellis Square, we stopped for a break. I should say photo op – after all, the Roaming Gnome is a celebrity with a pretty large fan base. Okay, I couldn’t resist… I had to have one more picture with the little guy.

Me and the Gnome in Ellis Square

Me and the Gnome hanging out in Ellis Square.

The next evening, he headed down to the water for a tea party at Ships of the Sea, followed by the Taste of Downtown in Johnson Square. It was here that we ran into the Roaming Gnome again.

Liz & Hannah with the Roaming Gnome.

Liz and Hannah with the Roaming Gnome at the Taste of Downtown in Johnson Square.

Last Friday, the Roaming Gnome roamed away from this historic city. But, fear not – you can find the Travelocity Roaming Gnome on Facebook {/travelocity}, Foursquare {/roaminggnome}, and on Twitter {@RoamingGnome} for more information and pictures of his Savannah adventures!

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