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Breezy Joy

Breezy, the nickname given to me by my great-grandmother, Willie Maude Futrill.

I’m proud to announce the new domain name, BreezyJoy. Obviously, if you’re reading this… you’ve realized BrianneJoy has transitioned to BreezyJoy. {You may recognize BreezyJoy as my Twitter handle – if you are a tweeter.}

Breezy. Breezy Joy originates from the nickname my great-grandmother gave me prior to my birth – yes, prior. When my mom announced that my birth-given-name would be Brianne Joy, she blatantly refused to call me Brianne. In fact, she told my mother she hated the name and that if she named me Brianne, she would in-turn only call me Breezy – and that she did! Although Grandma eventually said my name, the nickname stuck. To this day, I have quite the posse who refers to me as Breezy – including family and friends. {When Kyle’s mom, Stacy asked, “Is Breezy coming over too?” – I knew, it was official.}

Meet the infamous, I-can-say-what-I-think-because-I’m-89, great-grandmother, Willie Maude Futrill.

Willie Maude & her favorite, great-grandchild

She's laughing because she just told me that, "Bethany is the prettier sister. She's wholesome." Please note, this is not the first time {or last, I'm sure} that she's told me this.

This picture was taken during the weekend celebration of her 89th birthday.

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