Grandma {my great-grandmother} turned the big 8-9 in May. Four generations: her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, all came together to celebrate with a cook-out by the pool and a church service together on Sunday morning. This could be considered a tradition, since we’ve done this for many consecutive years.

Katie, Me, & Bet

The cook-out consists of treacherous heat, loud laughter, awkward photos, wet littles, and  yummy food. We ladies typically sit semi-circle style around the gentlemen and chat while they carefully monitor the burgers on the grill. All of the littles are steady jumping in and out of the swimming pool, anxiously waiting for dinner to be ready. It’s not until half-way through the gathering that the party girl decides to join us. Grandma is not a fan of a) the heat, b) the gnats, c) all of the noise – hence her late arrival.

This year was a special one. Okay, maybe not much different than every other year – but, I did introduce Kelly, Sonya, Robin, and the rest of the Allen clan to Words with Friends. Yep, I said it. Words with Friends, if you don’t have it, get it. We seriously bantered back-and-forth {semi-circle style} about whose turn it was on a game. Result, it’s been a great communication source. We’ve all stayed in touch – at least more than usual. Plus, I taught Anna Beth how to fishtail braid.

Grandma Futrill & Me

Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord

Poulan Baptist Church

I love sheet music.

Sunday on Grandma’s birthday weekend is always the same. All of the church-going children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren attend the Sunday morning service at Poulan Baptist Church with Grandma. {Of course, we plan on arriving 15 minutes early – and I always make us late.} After church, we pile in various cars and head to the infamous, Ed’s Truckstop. This is definitely a tradition. We can not attend Poulan Baptist Church without eating lunch at Ed’s. This year was a bit different. Mr. Ed moved our private party into the shop. I can’t even accurately describe this half of the store/restaurant – other than just saying, it’s the store half. I’m not sure whose brilliant idea it was to fit way to many people into a way too small space, but it happened. This in turn brought much confusion, including me accidentally ordering this extremely large portion of Country fried steak. Or, maybe it was hamburger steak – sheeze, I still don’t know. Either way, it was a ton of food.

My Feast

In the midst of our waitress {aka, our Minister of Music} taking all of our orders, we attempted to have a photo shoot. Successful? You be the judge.

BR, Adarah, & Me

The brother, his girlfriend, and his favorite sister.

Me & AB

Me and Anna Beth - check out her awesome fishtail braid. She did it all-by-herself.

Me & Daddy

My and my Daddy

AB & Grandma

Anna Beth posing with Grandma, thanks Uncle RL.

Adarah & I

The Girls

{L to R} Maddie, Anna Beth, Me, Destiny, and Callie

Me & My Sister

My Mother & I

The Family

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