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TCBY Goodness.

A few weekends ago, Justin and I had a date night. Oh how I grateful I am for these. With the top and doors off, we cruised in J’s snazzy, new jeep – off to dinner at one of our favorite, Albany restaurants, Shogun. The sushi there is phenomenal – absolutely the best, in my opinion.

We followed up our amazing dinner with frozen yogurt from TCBY. I must confess, this was my first TCBY experience. {Don’t get me wrong, I’m addicted to the self-serve, soft sweetness of La’ Berry and Lovin’ Spoons – but, somewhere along the way, I happened to miss out on TCBY treats.} We both indulged in the sweetness of Rainbow Cream awesomeness. Turns out, it’s just classic vanilla yogurt swirled in vibrant, neon colors.

Rainbow Cream

Eat Fro-YoOur date finale concluded with a 3D showing of Transformers: Dark of the Moon. It was so great. Could have been the awesome, 3D effects – but, I believe it may be the best one yet. I really enjoyed it and recommend it to fellow Transformers lovers.

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