If we love one another, God lives in us, and His love is perfected in us. 1 John 4:12

For Sarah, happily ever after began on 11/12/11.

Prior to this day, we celebrated with parties, showers, and girl time. One of my favorites of wedding hoopla is meeting new friends. So many weddings = so many friends. I’d met all of Sarah’s bridesmaids before, but this time it was different. We all had a common purpose, bridesmaids. Initially, we gathered together in Tifton, GA to celebrate a very special friend’s engagement to the love of her life. Then, we put on our favorite, little black dresses for bachelorette fun in Atlanta. All in preparation for the wedding weekend extravaganza.

On Thursday evening, we all gathered in Tifton for a sleepover at Sarah’s new home. After tacos and tequila at El Cazador, efforts were made by the Maid of Honor to construct the traditional bow bouquet for rehearsal.

Bow bouquet is a tradition, at least in our circle of friends. For those who may not know about the bow bouquet, this tradition may seem strange. With showers and parties throughout the engagement, it’s the brides job to collect the ribbons and bows. Prior to rehearsal, the Maid of Honor creates this bouquet made of the bows and ribbons. Mind you, the end product looks a bit strange. Nada is from Eygpt and has not participated in a traditional, American wedding prior to Sarah’s. After she arrived and saw the bouquet, it was her assumption that this was Sarah’s actual, ceremony bouquet. {She thought Sarah may have had a tight budget on the flowers.} It wasn’t until later that we actually revealed the truth. It turned into quite the job for the rest of the weekend.

Friday began bright and early with cinnamon rolls and coffee! Decked out in warm, work clothes, we headed to Little River Plantation to set-up for the big day. Who would have ever known how difficult it was to set-up chairs? As it turned out, it was quite difficult. The method to our madness included lots of measuring with rope, chairs, and pine straw. Yep, pine straw. {I wanted to take a picture of Megan’s pine straw measuring tool… but I forgot. Oops.}


Rehearsal dinner was delicious. Fried fish, oysters, and scallops served with cheese grits and french fries! Desert was my favorite. Someone baked this to-die-for pumpkin spice cake… A-mazing. After the Maid of Honor speech, Best Man speech, and speeches by just about everyone… the girls meandered back to the Bridal Suite for the lingerie shower. {Check out these adorable invitations created by Liz, ooh la la! just for this party!} It is always a treat to spend the last, single night with the bride – and this was no exception. We stayed up chatting and snacking – anxiously awaiting the big day.

On November 12, 2011, excitement filled the Bridal Suite as we greeted two good friends, Jesy and Roxy – the hair and make-up sister duo! Despite the additional 3 full-bathrooms and bedrooms, I love that we all squeezed into the master room for some close quarters bonding. The bride was calm, cool, and collected throughout the entire morning. While the bridesmaids stayed around the suite, Sarah and the Maid of Honor were off for the pre-wedding photos. This is another exciting detail I usually anxiously await, but this go-round we were short on time.



As the big moment rapidly approached, we hustled and bustled to shoot the bridal party photos and fix a last minute crisis. {At t-minus go, my dress didn’t fit. Panic mode kicked in and I whipped out some Martha Stewart style stitches to get the job done. Whew, just in time for the ceremony. Thank you, Bridal Survival Kit.}


Success! Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Hobby. The ceremony and reception went on without a hitch. No pre-wedding jitters, no mishaps, nothing… I repeat, nothing! It was absolutely perfect.

20111117-155136.jpgCongratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Hobby. May you have a blessed life together and live happily ever after.



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