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This past weekend was filled with fun, friends, and family! On Friday, we all made the trek to Atlanta for an early Thanksgiving with the Jackson, Heape, and Smith families. However, we kicked off the weekend by celebrating Justin’s 23rd birthday with dinner at one of his all-time-favorite restaurants, Taco Mac. With all of his family present, we enjoyed the company, wings, tacos, and Gigi’s Cupcakes. I’m always excited for Justin’s birthday, especially since it makes him 1 year closer to my age.


With 14 people and 2 pups crammed in Shari’s house, we celebrated an early Thanksgiving on Saturday. The house guests doubled on Saturday afternoon, as we indulged in three turkeys, one ham, dressing, squash casserole, green bean casserole, butter-beans, sweet rolls, mac ‘n’ cheese, sweet potato souffle, and tons of desserts! It was an afternoon filled with corn hole tournaments, college football, good eats, followed by an afternoon nap – I sure can’t complain. It was a wonderful time for family both near and far to come together, remember the long list of blessings, and recognize are gratitude. {For the record, Aunt Kim & Justin are the corn hole champions. If you would like to challenge them, Christmas – be there!}


This Thanksgiving I have so much to be thankful for: health, happiness, family, friends, and my fiance – just to name a few. The early celebration gave me time with my new family and allowed me to meet some additions to the family. I am so grateful for times like this, where we can all come together to rejoice over our blessings.

The weekend came to an end with the Atlanta Falcons vs. the Tennessee Titans game at the Georgia Dome. As Justin’s birthday treat, we cheered for the home team – dirty bird style – and brought home a win. As true Falcons fans, Trae, Carolyn, Justin, & I cheered proudly as the Dirty Birds stomped the Tennessee Titans. Attending a Falcon game is on my Top 10 favorite things to do, ever. Because football in the Georgia Dome is outrageous and in-your-face. You feel like you’re on the field dodging tackles and scoring touchdowns. Hearing the crowds chant “Let’s Go Falcons,” fans adorned head-to-toe in red and black, witnessing Roddy White’s best game of the season with a total of 7 amazing catches for 147 receiving yards, accompanied by good friends – you just can’t beat it!



In so many ways, this was bitter sweet afternoon. We faced the reality that this may be the last Atlanta Falcon game with all four of us for a few years. Recently, Trae was accepted into Wolford College’s Nurse Anestetist program. The result… our good friends and cousins will be moving to Naples, Florida. Despite the sadness of that reality, it was a great way to spend an afternoon with the Cannon’s and my future husband.

20111121-150742.jpg23, the number of years Justin has been alive. 23, the final score of the Falcons. I’d say 23 was the lucky number of the weekend. So… I’m going to end this post with 23 blessings I am grateful for this Thanksgiving:

  1. my Savior
  2. Justin, my fiance
  3. my parents, Mama and Daddy
  4. my siblings, Bethany and Brian Ray
  5. new family, Teresa, Barry, and Christopher
  6. my aunt & cousin, Rita and Bailey
  7. my friends
  8. love
  9. my job
  10. my health
  11. my home
  12. my extended family – on all sides
  13. a church family
  14. my car
  15. happiness
  16. the wisdom of Proverbs
  17. the city of Savannah
  18. healing
  19. faith
  20. forgiveness
  21. the example of a faithful, Godly marriage from both my parents and the Heape’s
  22. my iPhone {yep, I said it.}
  23. the ring on my left hand – a daily reminder that I will spend the rest of my life with my love
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