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My obsession with United States Presidents has become a common known fact. Which is probably why Kyle text me the day Stephen King’s latest book 11/22/63 was released. It was news to me, but instantly captured my interest. By that evening, I had already read the summary, downloaded the book to iBooks, and began reading.



I won’t ruin the book for those of you who intend to read it, but it was good! My summary… Jake Epping (a recently divorced, English teacher) discovers a rabbit hole to the past in which he arrives in Libson Falls, Maine. Each trip back in time, Jake arrives on September 9, 1958 at 11:58 AM to be exact. The ultimate purpose of the trip back in time is to save President Kennedy from being assassinated on 11/22/63. Throughout his time in history, Jake discovers true love and experiences great defeat as the past harmonizes with the future. Along his journey, Jake learns that history doesn’t want to change.

This story is riveting and intriguing from page one. Based on language and sexual content, I can’t 100% recommend 11/22/63 to you. However, as a history lover I truly enjoyed King’s recap of history. It really makes you wonder.

11/22/63 was my first Stephen King novel and I can’t wait to pick up another!

Book 21: 11/22/63

Author: Stephen King

Pages: 864

Words: -

Completed: December 2011



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