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It’s a New Year.

2012. An exciting year for Justin and I. In 2012, it’s the year we’ll say, “I do.” The year I will marry my best friend. I will transition from fiance to wife in a matter of months. The year of 2012 will be a big year. Despite all of the excitement I will face in 2012, it was a teensy bittersweet saying good-bye to 2011.

It was the reality of the good-bye that made me reminisce the happy moments of 2011. I wish I had a reel of footage of all of the blessings I discovered in 2011. Instead of video footage, I’ll recap the top 5 highlights of the year – in chronological order.

#1 Accepting a new job at Visit Savannah. It was truly an answer to prayers when I accepted the offer and position as Convention Sales and Service Coordinator of Visit Savannah.

#2 Celebrating my 24th birthday with family. Each year we take a family beach trip for a week in the gulf of Florida. The past 4 years we spent the week of my birthday at the beach. This year was like any other – with the exception that it was my last birthday as Brianne Baggett. I will always consider it a blessing that I have been able to spend so many of my birthday surrounded by family.

#3 Our engagement. Similar to the Baggett family trip, each year we take a trip with Justin’s family. In 2011, we stayed in Grayton Beach – it was definitely a trip I’ll never forget. On September 1, 2011 – Justin asked me to marry him. I said, “Yes.”

#4 Bridesmaids. In November of 2011, I asked my closest friends to be attendees in my wedding. Bethany, Carolyn, Mallory, Megan, and Sarah all accepted the role of support on my special day. I can’t imagine our special day with out these special ladies standing by my side.

#5 My UGA graduate. On December 16th, Justin became an official graduate of the University of Georgia. I couldn’t be more proud of Justin’s accomplishments over the past few years. His diploma will one day be framed in our home, as a reminder of the hard work he endured.

To ring in the new year, Kyle, Kaitlin, Justin, and I visited Atlanta for the weekend. We celebrated the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012 with friends, along with some x’s and o’s.


To end the holiday weekend, we watched as the Atlanta Falcons brought home a W in the Georgia Dome. As awesome as all Falcons games are, the fact that this was Kyle and Kaitlin’s first NFL game added to the excitement.


Now’s it’s time to say good-bye to the year 2011. Let me know your favorite memory of the past year – I’d love to know! And, what are you looking forward to going into the new year?



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