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Steamboat Springs, Colorado

In early January, Justin and I enjoyed a Christmas trip with his family to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. We are extremely grateful for our awesome, Christmas gift. However, for me – it was a gift like no other. I have never – I repeat, never – seen snow! {Snow in south Georgia does not compare!}


20120222-224625.jpgWe flew from Atlanta, Georgia to Dallas, Texas to our final destination – Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Good-bye Atlanta, hello home of my favorite President, George W. Bush. I wanted so bad to see Dallas during our layover – next time!


When we finally landed in Steamboat Springs, we were greeted by our own shuttle and driver. He was waiting on the Heape family. Side note: Justin is wearing a short sleeve shirt, not because it’s warm in Steamboat , but due to the extremely high temperatures on the plane. In fact, the 20° weather was welcomed at this point.


We didn’t waste any time. Our kind driver dropped the ladies off at the grocery store and drove the men up the mountain to unload the luggage. Within 2 hours of landing we were being fitted for our ski gear.


Prior to the trip, I was probably the most excited about seeing snow and spending a week with my man. I loved the snow and spending time with J – but, combine those two… Imagine, skiing down a snow-covered mountain with your fiance – it was awesome! Possibly the best date ever. In the photos above, I insisted on “taking a break” halfway down the slopes. It was probably one of the highlights of the trip, in my opinion. It was my first time down the mountain {first time skiing ever} and I was able to do it with my love beside my side. Plus, he was so sweet to chill with me on the side of the slopes.


The entire week was incredible. We skied, shopped, and enjoyed great company. Whoops, I forgot to mention everyone specifically…

Teresa and Barry, Justin’s parents
Christopher and Kaylee, Justin’s brother and his girlfriend
Shari and Jay, Justin’s aunt on his Mom’s side and her boyfriend
Regina and Bill, Justin’s aunt on his Dad’s side and her husband
Anita, Jean, Jessica, Ben, and Kyle, Justin’s aunt on his Dad’s side and her family
Penny and Larry, Justin’s aunt on his Dad’s side and her husband

Obviously, there was a lot of family in Steamboat Springs. Some of these family members we do not see often, so it was quite the treat! Especially when Penny and Larry made their grand, surprise entrance. {Penny and Larry weren’t going to be able to make it. At the last minute, they decided to come – but didn’t mention it to anyone. Surprise!} As a party of 17, we enjoyed a Mexican dinner together filled with lots of conversation. Later during the week, we dined on Shari’s homemade chili followed by a friendly card game. Sadly, no card games were played.



One of the best parts of the trip was the time we all spent together. It’s those rare moments around the breakfast table with loved ones that makes trips generally so incredible. Disregarding Justin’s expression, this was a very wonderful breakfast.


As a token of our love and appreciation, Kaylee and I picked out two totally tourist coffee mugs for Mr. Barry and Mrs. Teresa. Kaylee nor I would have been able to go or enjoy this trip without the luxurious, Christmas gifts from them. We can’t thank them enough. {to my future in-laws, thank you!} I couldn’t resist sharing those adorable mugs.


Of course, the day we are leaving – snow began to fall. Above you can see Justin and I on the balcony of our condo, enjoying one of God’s most amazing creations… snowflakes. I was so sad to say good-bye. Who would have guessed this Georgia born and raised southern girl would love snow so much? Not me.


With the end of our trip nearing, we packed for a flight back to the east coast. Unfortunately, the Lord had a different route in mind. As we prepared to board our flight, a blizzard hit the Steamboat area – delaying our flight for 5 1/2 hours. With the snow storm increasing, news revealed we were stranded.


The day before, when we’d been stranded in the airport for 5 1/2 hours… the plane below was not – I repeat NOT – visible.


Finally, a flight back home. I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced such a bittersweet moment. I was so excited to be home, yet sad to say good-bye to a week filled with family and snow. After two additional nights in Colorado and two layovers, we finally made it back to south Georgia!


For now, it’s an end to one awesome trip and hoping for more to come!

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