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How To

How to… make drab work shirts look fabulous! Okay, maybe not fabulous, but definitely less drab.

Two weeks after accepting a new job, I discovered that a new policy was approved and it would now be mandatory for all employees to wear uniform shirts. As a dress wearer, I was upset. Although, upset may be an understatement. Okay, okay. I acted like a two year old, yelled at my husband, and insisted that I needed a new wardrobe. Not acceptable behavior, however I did get a mini shopping spree to my favorite Atlanta store, H&M.

Now, I would love to say that I discovered a great, low-budget way to turn drab to fab… but, other than the great prices at H&M, my how to was a pretty penny. (I did manage to stay under $200 for all of my new purchases. Six skirts from H&M, one from Red Clover, and three from Love21. Not too shabby for 10 new skirts.)

(1) H&M (2) Love 21 (3) H&M (4) Love 21 (5) H&M (6) H&M

I will say, that the skirt from Red Clover is not featured. However, you can view it here. I’m weird and am saving it for the perfect day. Am I the only one out there who does this? You know, saves your favorite new item for the best, most perfect day to wear it. Because, if I wear it on Monday and then find out I have a big meeting on Thursday, but I’ve already worn it on Monday so I can’t wear it again in the same week…. you get the point.

Do you have any tips to liven up my mandatory, work shirt policy? Please share! I can only be so creative with this.

because of Him, Brianne
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