my favorites

Like everyone, I have my favorites. Favorite movies, snacks, books, holidays, products, foods, songs, memories, recipes, style, beauty tips, and hobbies – the list goes on! For instance, I love to snack on chips and salsa and enjoy a good dinner and a movie date with my husband. However, it’s those spontaneous trips fishing, birthdays at the beach, and Easter in the mountains that really top my list of favorites. It’s those times that I memorize and savor each detail. Here I will share some of my favorites, so you can get to know me a wee-bit better. As I think of more favorites, or discover new favorites – I’ll update my list, so be sure to check back.

  • my husband, more about him here and here
  • Jesus, my Lord and Savior… because of Him, I live
  • birthdays at the beach
  • sushi dates
  • snackin’ on chips and salsa
  • Christmas (classic fave)
  • fishing (lake fishing, pond fishing, night fishing, deep-sea fishing… we like to fish!)
  • grilling out with family and friends
  • family beach trips (his/hers – we love our families!)
  • The Kennedy’s (books, movies, documentaries… I have a slight obsession with this clan)
  • frozen pizza, with Heinz ketchup for dipping
  • my Mema
  • cereal (the really bad-for-you, full-of-sugar cereal)
  • double dates
  • Purpose, my must-have cleansing wash (it’s so gentle, which is perfect for my face)
  • U.S. Presidents (all of them, but my favorite is George W. Bush)
  • instagram (@BrianneJoy)
  • my iPhone
  • reading and blogging (I’m here and at
  • guacamole and cheese dip, I should have been born Hispanic
  • Birchbox (I’m lovin’ the concept and products!)
  • natural face and hair masks (seen here)
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